Frank Gould Project Manager Resume

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Orlando, Florida 32860-8516
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Give me a call today and let me explain more specifically any topic that most interests you.  I have a diverse set of skills that can apply to many different business opportunities.  I have more than 10 years experience as a Project and Product Manager gathering user requirements, documenting designs, schedule management, managing product development, and releasing major business web-based applications and various computer products. Negotiated contracts that ensured quality components for final products and sales.

I have been told that I am “self-motivated, highly trusted, and totally dedicated to the success of his projects.”  Then, if that wasn’t enough, “Frank is personable in user interactions:  he has been the ‘front-door’ for user questions/issues, and the users continually express appreciation for his thoroughness, helpfulness, and kindness.”

Extensive experience in manufacturing, computer technologies, customer requirements, software development, MRP, ITIL, technical writing, multimedia, and international marketing. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills resulting in enhanced internal and external customer relationships and loyalty. Advanced Spanish. Proficient in several software programs (listed below) with expert skills to program Microsoft Office products to improve user productivity efficiency.

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills resulting in enhanced internal and external customer relationships and loyalty.
  • Ability to perform well in fast-paced, competitive, and matrixed environments.
  • Accomplished Technical Writer – creates thorough and accurate documentation that clearly communicates very complex concepts and processes
  • Applications test completed with high rate of accuracy due in a large part to highly detailed and comprehensive testing, scenarios, and documentation.
  • Requires little direction with assignments and is a self-starter.
Professional Experience

Application Manager <Awards>

Responsible for managing web application products and directing a small development team supporting approximately 1,000 users.  Used conflict management skills effectively to resolve issues between IBM, AT&T Management, and teams.  Project Manager responsibilities included account leadership, Microsoft Project schedules, change control, communications, process improvements, and release management.

  • Negotiated with key AT&T/IBM end users to define enhancements to facilitate process tracking and controls resulting in significant customer satisfaction and 30% improvements in project management.
  • Documented business requirements, detailed design specifications, and process workflow maps for developer implementation and user documentation.
  • Initiated and developed online training materials resulting in broader training for virtual office users as well as user training via conference calls saving hours and classroom training expenses.
  • Created web page prototypes resulting in accurate design requirements for both development and user acceptance.
  • Learned JavaScript programming to enable the rapid development of hundreds of user interface web pages that resulted in improved user satisfaction and successful releases on schedule after significant headcount reduction.

Technical Solutions Consultant <Awards>

Responsible for defining customer platform installation requirements, ordering services, documenting system and network configurations for small to large multi-processor Unix and NT servers.

  • Based on outstanding performance as a TSC, volunteered for Project Management role after achieving accelerated promotion to Technical Solutions Consultant position.  PM responsibilities included implementing major platform upgrades and managing approximately 10 resources to meet deadlines.
  • Effectively managed multiple integration projects into data centers totaling about $10 million yearly.

Financial Software Design Analyst / Programmer <Awards>

Responsible for automating Financial department spreadsheets and data collection applications.

  • Managed databases containing software and hardware assets totaling over $500 million.
  • Created financial applications for Windows 95/NT using Visual Basic and Microsoft Excel resulting in increased data processing productivity nearly 50% throughout multiple organizations.
  • Modified and supported Headcount Collection and Capacity Costing applications.

Senior Product Manager

Responsible for determining customer needs in project planning, product design, training, sales, and support solutions.  Required Microsoft Project.

  • Managed a project team of approximately 15 and championed, positioned, and released NCR Multimedia PCs to support emerging international markets. This was a $2.5 million project.
  • Created spreadsheet for product cost/revenue management resulting in 25% SG&A savings.
  • Actively served as the Director on the Multimedia PC Council Board.
  • Successfully released major software products to worldwide markets for Windows and Windows 95.
  • Negotiated major software contracts with key vendors and customers.
  • Attended and staffed major PC exhibitions to promote NCR Multimedia products.
Employment History

Various Projects – Consultant – Central Florida – 2011-present
Valencia College – Department Assistant – Orlando, Florida – 2009-2011
IBM – Application Manager/Project Manager – Orlando, Florida – 1999-2007
AT&T – Technical Solutions Consultant, Financial Programmer – Orlando, Florida – 1997-1999
NCR – Senior Product Manager, Software Developer – Orlando, Florida – 1982-1997


Valencia College, Associate of Science Degree, Film Production Technology, Orlando, Florida
Wharton School of the University of PennsylvaniaMini-MBA Finance Certification, Orlando, Florida
Stetson University, Bachelors of Arts Degree, English/Business, Deland, Florida

Application Proficiency

Apple Final Cut Pro             Microsoft Project               Microsoft Visual C++          Sony Vegas & DVD Architect
Adobe Dreamweaver          Microsoft SQL Server       Lotus Organizer & Notes    SQL Navigator
Microsoft Access                 Microsoft Visio                   Paintshop Pro                       Visual Studio
Microsoft Office                    Microsoft Visual Basic      Pixelmator (Photoshop)      iOS, iPad, mac, Windows

Training & Certification
Volunteer Projects

Images Art Festival, Director Performing Arts:  New Smyrna Beach, Florida
Earthwatch Institute, videography:  Brazil Pantanal and Boston, Massachusetts
CRISPAZ, videography:  El Salvador
Habitat for Humanity:  Sanford, Orlando, and São Miguel do Araguaia, Brazil, with videography
ECO-Action Webmaster, Newsletter Writer, and Advocate:  Central Florida


Ken McCabe Recommendation

Frank Gould
Freelance Video Editor

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value

“I approached Frank with short notice of a two week deadline to assemble together a 70+ minute taping of a show. There were multiple takes with multiple cameras and an audio track that needed to be synced with the video.

Frank was able to ingest several hours worth of video, sync the audio close, and edit the clips into a version that could be rough cut. Frank spent many hours refining the edits until we were able to sit together and finalize all of the scenes into a fine representation of the show.

I would recommend Frank for any production or post-production work because he has the desire to deliver a product on time at any cost, and he is very trustworthy. He is also very knowledgeable with the applications he uses and made my job a lot more efficient.”

September 8, 2012
Ken McCabe (client) hired Frank as a Writer/Editor in 2012

Paul Sirmons Recommendation

Frank Gould was an outstanding contributor on two projects that we worked together on over the last two years, Last Stop and Renee.

On Last Stop,a television pilot episode which I directed, he was instrumental working as a key assistant editor for the entire production and post.

After Last Stop,I line-produced Renee,a $3.4M feature film, and hired Frank to work with the director (Nathan Frankowski) as an assistant editor. Nathan was very pleased with his work, and Renee premiered recently as the opening night film at the Florida Film Festival.

On both shows, Frank was excellent. What I really appreciated was his highly motivated work behavior. During the production at different sites while shooting Renee,/em>he not only did his job to the fullest, but helped other departments when they needed assistance.

In addition to handling issues at hand, Frank paid close attention to the schedule deadlines during production and post and made sure we were prepared at every step on both projects. I was also impressed that Frank worked on his days off so that he could transport data devices and finish all his deliverables on schedule. His dedication was always 100%.

For the Last Stop television pilot, Frank started work on this project as his first multi-camera, multi-take editorial job. This was a complex set of scenes shot at different angles and in a small room with furniture moves to allow camera space. Frank quickly showed he was very good at cutting story, checking continuity, making sure the selected cuts were the best, and cleaning up the audio when needed.

For both Renee and Last Stop, Frank paid close attention not only to the editing, which frankly is the fun stuff, but also the detailed post requirements, such as making sure we had logos for the end credits, correct spelling of names and locations, and for Last Stop, even creating a final Blu-ray disc for distribution.

As a producer and director, I highly recommend Frank Gould for any project you have, especially as an editor, assistant editor, or post production supervisor. He comes out of one of the best film programs in the country, Valencia College, so I’m sure he can handle other jobs in a production as well!

Paul Sirmons
Independent Filmmaker
Former Florida Film Commissioner (2005-2008)

Ralph Clemente Recommendation

Frank Gould has been an outstanding contributor to the Valencia Motion Picture Department for several years, both as a student and part-time employee. He has grown tremendously in the areas of movie production including project management, continuity, production assistance, assistant editor, data management, production sound, camera, jibs, and dolly.

Frank effortlessly transcends across different departments to get the job done, and ahead of time. As the Director for the final class full-length feature movie project, My Fair Lidy, Frank was instrumental in clearing the set of any production equipment or out-of-place props during setup for recording. More than once I told him he has a good eye.

In addition to making movies, Frank is a carpenter with excellent skills for constructing equipment like carts, workbenches, shelves, doors, as well as painting, and other general construction requirements. As a motion picture Editor, Frank has worked with a companion Editor and Director to create a 30-minule television pilot in 2010. In 2011, Frank and worked as an Assistant Editor on two full-length feature films including the Renee movie where he worked with the Editor who was also the Director.

Ever since Frank started working for our department, he has relentlessly worked on transferring our analog VHS tapes into digital libraries where we can easily use or duplicate copies when necessary. In addition, Frank has worked with outside producers to create Blu-ray discs containing high definition video along with menu options and artwork.

Frank made a DVD with menu options for me to present several movie clips and trailers to the Valencia College Foundation and garnered some interest from the local Public Broadcast Station. He is very adaptable in this ever increasingly technical environment and has proven to be responsible for several projects from beginning to successful end. I know when I assign him a task, it will be completed on time and without failure.

As a DGA director and as a film educator for the last 34 years, I highly recommend Frank Gould for any area of the motion picture entertainment or documentary businesses. His adaptability, eye for detail, team player attitude, conflict management, and strong work ethics make him an ideal candidate for employment. Frank recently completed the Valencia Motion Picture Technology Program, earning him an Associate of Science degree.

Ralph R. Clemente, DGA
Chair, Film Production Technology
Valencia College

John Jacobs Recommendation

Please accept the following as both a personal and professional reference for Frank Gould:

I’ve known Frank for most of the past decade (as both a co-worker, his supervisor, his “internal customer” and an application-support team member) within AT&T and IBM Global Services.   Frank has always impressed me with not only his job and technical expertise but also with his exemplary work ethic, his attention to detail and his passion for pleasing his clients, application users, etc.

Frank is one of those valued individuals who constantly strive for process and application improvements even when the “boss is not looking over his shoulder”.  I can say that since I have supervised Frank, I have also worked with Frank in my role as a Process & Quality Improvement Mgr plus I have interfaced with Frank on a number of occasions as one of his “user representative” clients.  In all of these situations, I have seen the same dependable, client-focused manager who really wants to deliver quality products, services, etc., that keep getting better under his care!

Frank also has very strong skills in the areas of organizing/planning, verbal/written communications and in work prioritization.  These abilities have been significantly tested in his roles as Systems Analyst, User Training/Documentation Mgr and as liaison between our User Team, User Community and the DBOR, RPM Classic, RPM Lite & VSP Application Development Team.  Frank has brought these important skill sets and his “A-Game” on the many  application development and process improvement projects which we’ve worked on together or when I supervised him throughout the last several years… with considerable accomplishments being the “bottom line” of Frank’s superior talents and dedication.

Furthermore, Frank completed several projects last year and into this year wherein he coordinated the automation of our RPM-VSP NRU Storage Data Message and our IBM Pricing Estimate.  These two items have enabled IBM Associates to much more accurately and efficiently document the correct billing for our IBM-to-AT&T MO Contract Midrange Invoice.  Without Frank’s work on this important project, we would be faced with a much less productive and far less accurate IBM MO pricing process.

On a more personal note, Frank is – from my experience – the consummate “team player”.  He has the skills, experience and drive to have a well-deserved ego but that will never be Frank’s style.  Instead, he goes out of his way to make his teammates, users, co-workers, etc., feel valued and empowered.  There is nobody around that I’d rather have on a process-improvement or application-development “start up team” than Frank.  Frank is, simply put, one of those rare individuals with whom it is always, always, a pleasure to have involved in your project!

If I had an opening in my organization, I would be the “first in line” with a job offer for Frank Gould.  I am confident that he will be an incredible asset to whichever group is wise enough to – in the future – convince him to join their organization!

John T. Jacobs
AT&T Account Manager
IBM Global Services

Rob Ranck Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern;

I’ve known Frank for many years — initially as a co-worker at NCR Corporation, then for a short tenure as his manager at AT&T, and always throughout that time as a close friend.

When I first met Frank back in 1983, we were part of an engineering team that was putting together the computer industry’s first PC that blended graphics and TV (this was a bit before the term, “multimedia” was coined).  I was immediately impressed with both his personal strengths as well as dedication to teamwork — things that that helped made our products a success with many large retailers and financial institutions as a new type of visual point of sale and information terminals.

After a few years, we each moved to other positions and locations but remained good friends.  In 1991, when AT&T acquired NCR, I relocated to Chicago as director of marketing for a new video products business unit at AT&T.  We needed to ramp up the size and collective skill set of our team given very quickly since the product release schedules were very aggressive.  Luckily, I was able to recruit Frank as a senior product manager to help build the product marketing and customer support team.  Without his help, we never would have gotten the business up and running so quickly.

Since that time, we’ve worked on several other business consulting projects.   Throughout my career, I’ve benefited from the unique experience of having a successful, entrepreneurial, business team relationship with Frank as well as a life-long friendship.

Since he helped develop both hardware and software of early versions of multimedia PCs and has worked in the technology sector for many years, it goes without saying that Frank has significant understanding of computer technology.  On the practical side, he has a passion for attending to all the details of planning and executing a project and also the determination and work ethic to meet project objectives for quality and schedule.   I would also note that Frank’s success often comes from not getting distracted from his priorities:  understanding the customer needs and business requirements is always his first step in tackling a project.

Frank is a great team player and makes creative contributions in subtle-but-significant ways.  One of his unique strengths is to listen closely and then communicate his ideas in ways that bring out creativity in others.  Frank is always very supportive of teammates, but he also leads by example and is “constructively candid” at the right times.

To sum it up, I think Frank’s character, experience and skills can be very positive assets to any organization.  Please feel free to contact me directly if I can help with additional information.

Rob Ranck
HomePlug President

Claudio Sennhauser Recommendation

Frank Gould
Senior Product Manager at NCR

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Frank at NCR’s Europe Group, where we were handling all of the product management and marketing for our European markets. I have gotten to know Frank as a highly innovative and competent product manager.

His understanding of customer requirements was second to none in our group. I’ve learned much about what it takes to successfully manage all aspects of a product line from him. Frank’s outgoing and humorous nature make him a great communicator in every situation.

I highly recommend Frank to anybody who is seeking a team player with deep technical understanding, experience in getting a product from idea to roll-out, and highly developed communication skills.

September 8, 2012
Claudio Sennhauser (Sr. Marketing Manager at NCR ) worked directly with Frank at NCR